Last Monday I visited the trade show for home & gift ShowUp.

ShowUp (is one of) my favorite trade show, close to my place, in the Amsterdam Area, it's a great location, in a giant glasshouse. There is alway a flower design/ installation that makes it super pretty and It is just the perfect size, you can see it all in one day. Their brand's selection is very good if you ask me, you'll see only the bests, originals, up and coming gifts designers (and a few of the best-established brands).

Full of inspiration, this is the place to discover new designs & trends. (And buying the best products if you have a shop). You can be sure to see next colors that are going to be in fashion. The color palette of the exponents are always spot on and you know how I love colors!

This time I was going to show off my new rope necklace since all the best creatives are there, it is the place to be! Getting inspired by all these talented brands, It's pushing me to get better on what I do ( yes fresh & colorful jewelry). But Also see how all the aspects you need to know ( have in place) if you want to sell to retailers, like having a catalog, how to present your designs in a booth, etc... Of course, I'm already working with lovely retailers that are selling my jewelry, and once in a while, I will be participating in a market where I need to showcase my products, but I can always perfect my game! Selling to retailers is a craft in itself!

So with no further introduction, Here are picks of my favorites brands:

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