My favorite Trade show for home and gifts

Beginning September, I visited The best trade show for home and gifts (ok, ok I’m just comparing to Maison & objet). But showUp is not too big and I love the location, in the giant glasshouse, letting all the light brighten all the colorful designs.

If you’re not familiar with the trade show seasons, September is when all the magic happen! Brands & designers are showing their next designs with their fall/winter collections. Retailers are taking orders for their shops. The press is meeting new talents…

Here were my favorite brands this year:

  • Jurianne Matter for all her perfect paper decorations so well designed, and user-friendly!
  • Kitch Kitchen with a beautiful blue stand filled with pottery and new cushions from Paris Essex.
  • Ompak because I’m such a fan of pretty wrapping paper and cute presents accessories.
  • New paper frowers to build with de bloemenier.
  • Studio Roof and their wonderful unfold imaginary to build. ( Beetles are my faves!!)

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