Visiting the museum Voorlinden for the first time, I was not disappointed!

How to stay inspired when you’re a creative is super important! And feeding the soul, with a visit to the museum is a must! You know that I love colors and all the color theory behind it, how does it work, how does a color react to another one, the spacial effect of colors and all the visuals tricks that never stop to amaze and inspired me.

And the exhibition ‘Less is More’ at the Museum Voorlinden was just perfect for my taste. With all the modern abstract art, my favorite, (I could stay for hours in front of XL colorful paintings.) I was able to get my neurons excited for new creations and colors combination in my jewelry. The rope necklaces collection is my favorite collection to play with colors and how they interact with one another.

Here are a few pictures of the abstract exhibition as well as some favorites from the permanent work’s highlights.

… And finally A picture of me in the swimming pool! You can see how I was wearing my red heart pin brooch on my sweater.

If you’re into modern art, I strongly recommend visiting the museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar.

Ps: I can’t wait to return in Spring to see the evolution of the beautiful garden’s design by Piet Oudof.

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