My garden is my inspiration. I find plants and flower so beautiful for its amazing variety of amazing shapes and colors. Seeing nature growing is so great for the curious minds. I like to be surprised and discover new things all the time and gardening fulfill my eager for curiosity. Last year, I discover that leaks could make flowers  🙂

I’m lucky enough to have a worm compost. I’m giving all my green waste to the worms ( less trash into a bag is great, plus I get values of my waste ).  The worms eat the green rest and I collect the juice from their digestion. After a few years, I got so much liquid fertilizer that I decided to bottle them up and to sell them at the great, urban gardening shop close to my place: Wildernis in Amsterdam.

By trying the fertilizer on my own indoors & outdoors plants, I noticed that it’s working best on the succulent. I don’t know the exact NKP ( azote, Potassium, Phosphorus). but I noticed that It works great to make more green, like leaves. Which works well for indoors plants.

I redesign the label so they stick better on the bottles. The instructions label stays the same, with hand stamped cactus & succulents. The back will tell you how to use it, how I dilute it ( the juice is super powerful !)

So if you’re in Amsterdam and want to enjoy some homemade, organic, locally produce fertilizer, run to Wildernis, to get my golden juice!

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