These necklaces translate Patricia’s observation on colors through the human life. To her eyes, colors are corresponding to a period of time in our life, like pastels will be associated with babies. A baby who grows turning the colors more pigmented, brighter & vivid. Colors which represents children and their energy.

The older and wiser we grow, the more unsaturated the colors become ( black are added to the tonnes), making them deeper, an ‘aldult color’.

Going on to the senior age, colors fade like a bouquet of vivid roses, which slowly is becoming all tints of beige and sanded-white before the petals started to fall. White is the end, white is the beginning. The circle of life – the circle of colors.

-laser cut wood and colored paper, varnish, copper chain, handmade silver clasp. -Unique piece, private collection. -2011

  • This unique piece served as a prototype for the reproducible versions, the duotone Plexiglas necklaces, red and blue.

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