The new colors are here…

The rope necklaces are already a best seller in our shop, We know that you love them!
And what it is not to love about a necklace that gives you creativity and instant confidence?

● Therefore we created new models with even more boldness and audacious colors combination for you to have fun and look beautiful!

Get ready for the compliments! >>>>Discover the new collection<<<<


Not sure how to style such a powerful necklace? 

Here are my tips: 

Wearing a statement necklace will give an instant power to any outfit. Go all in for a bold, confident look!

  • Tip one: To style a statement piece, you need to keep the rest of the outfit simple and sleek.
Since the new necklaces are already so powerful with their lush colors, I’ll advise to pair them with a black outfit that will make them pop and not feel over the top. Paired them with a black jumpsuit or a simple black pullover for a modern and luxurious look.
  • Tip two: Keep this style looking very effortless & chilled with a relax trousers of the same colors to make sure the result is luxe instead of too busy.
★Go bold, go confidently!★


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