Discover the capsule collection Pop-a-porter x unlimited shop Uk !

When I contacted Sara from Unlimited shop Uk, ( in case you don’t know it already, Unlimited shop is a great shop and gallery located in Brighton, selling handmade graphic bold prints, homeware, and accessories) to become a retailer for my graphic rope necklaces. She was enthusiastic and ask me about the possibilities of creating a custom collection with colors that will reflect even better her shop aesthetic.

I was immediately on board and we both thought: a primary color palette! Therefore I looked at the primary colors I had, red, blue, and yellow. I already had some red paint and yellow long beads, but the blue paint I had was too dark. After two different tryouts, I found the perfect primary shade of blue. 🙂 See All the process in my Instagram story

The collection turn out great and I was very pleased to see my necklaces with a unlimited touch of a primary color palette!

This great bold collection is exclusively for sale at Unlimited shop Uk, don’t wait too long to get yours because they are going fast!

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