Stylish men love to add a touch of color to their outfit.

Let’s face it if you’re a man who likes to dress up and have fun with colors, you’re having a hard time finding cool clothes and accessories ( or at least that’s what my boyfriend told me)! Apparently, in men’s clothing, only black, grey and dark blue are mainly manufactured!

But don’t we love to have fun with our look regarding of our gender? Yes, men like to wear colors too!

Our thunder rock brooch is particularly popular by men, even if it’s a unisex brooch. ( All our brooches are but not everybody has the confidence to wear a heart brooch… Not manly enough? I think it’s ridiculous but that’s another debate!

Anyway, Have a look at how @jaliaobin style his rock brooch. The brooch is available in two sizes, big and small. Jerome is wearing the smaller one.

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