A few weeks ago, I got out of my comfort zone and asked Jenna from Circus of cakes, ‘an influencer, like we say these days’, to collaborate with me. Getting out there and ask for collaboration is quite hard for me so
when she said that she like my jewelry and wanted to collaborate with me,
I was so happy and excited ! She has a colorful happy Instagram feed that I really like, Go have a look: ➳➵➳ Here.

I send her a big heart yellow brooch and a bold red rope necklace.

It was so great to see an unboxing of my own jewelry that she did on her stories. ( See the feature one on my account: under the cool collabs)

Then I saw how she interact with my brooch & my necklace. I love her styling and would not have thought of wearing the big heart brooch like she did on a collar and I really love to see how she matched her nails color with the necklace. Seeing other people interact with my jewelry is great, it is such a great opportunity to see new fresh ways of styling my pieces! I will definitely ask again to other creative colorful minds if they want to collaborate with me! Stay Tunes!

Jenna from Circus of cakes wearing pop-a-porter's colorblock rope necklace
Jenna from Circus of cakes wearing pop-a-porter’s colorblock rope necklace

See Jenna’s instagram post wearing my red rope necklace with coral, pink & aqua beads. ➳➵➳Ps: Find it in the shop!

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