I’m very proud to finally present you my new rope necklace! 🎉

With a new bead shape, I still conserved the essence of the rope necklaces: Bold, graphic, and colorful! The perfect statement necklace you’ll love to wear for years to come! 🤗

I hope that you love it as much as I do! They will soon be available in my shop, In the meantime, you can still get yourself one of the last rope necklaces with the geometric beads here. (And yes, they won’t be back in stock.)

Unfortunately, the big rectangular beads are no longer available at my retailer. I replace it with a new shape of approximately the same size that conserves the essence of the original shape.
All the colors combinations and the custom colors collection are still available

The Model 2 includes a mix of wooden beads combining three colors.
-Size: 62cm ( 24.40 inch ).

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